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We believe in delivering only the highest quality solutions and products, with trained and certified delivery processes. Our work is meticulous and neat, and sometimes its what you can’t see that make all the difference. See for yourself.

Installation of a Microsoft Teams enabled HP Presence Video Conferencing Solution.

Installation new Cat.6 structured data cabling and wireless access-points for a client’s new office.

A network audit and comms cabinet cleanup for a childcare facility on the northside of Brisbane.

This is the Logi MeetUp Teams enabled video conferencing solution which is all IP based and perfect for small conference rooms and huddle rooms.

Fitout of new retail shop we completed with new network, POS solution and point of sale overhead displays.

Installation of new Cat6 structured cabling and a new Cisco network. and home automation solution.

A comms cabinet cleanup that we performed for a medical supply company. A long night, and a great result.

A small network that we installed in a new office, for a client in the valley.

A new network data / voice network that installed for a client, featuring quality of service and VLAN’s.

Refurb of an existing comms cabinet and installation of new structured data cabling for a client.

Installation of a NESS D16 Panel with 4G dialler and back-to-base 24/7 monitoring.