• Integrated Security Solutions
  • Inteligent Alarm Systems
  • AI Powered CCTV Systems

Security Solutions have changed and become one !

  • Detectors with built-in cameras – Video Verification
  • Intelligent Cameras – Human and Vehicle Detection
  • Cameras with LED strobe lighting – Deterrence
  • 2-way audio with your CCTV cameras – Awareness
  • Mobile Apps for Android & Apple – Remote Control
  • Open doors, gates, and garages – Access Control
  • Interlinked alarm and CCTV – Seamless Integration

It’s a new world for security solutions…
Today the alarm system and CCTV have ‘morphed’ into a single security solution.
By day the cameras quietly record and the alarm system performs presence detection and automation tasks. However arm the system and it takes on a whole new persona.
Cameras can verbally warn off offenders, and light up the area with strobe lighting. And two-way audio lets you listen to what your cameras can see, and allow you to warn off would be intruders. The alarm movement detectors now also feature a built-in camera allowing for ‘video verified’ alarms and the ability for authorities to be notified while an event is in progress.
And this can all be backed by 24×7 security monitoring and onsite guard call-out services.