• Data Cabling
  • Cable Testing
  • Cable Certification

FACT – 90% of sites we visit have upwards of 30-60% faulty data cabling !

  • We Install Data Cabling
  • We Test Data Cabling
  • We Fix Data Cabling
  • We Certify Data Cabling

What Do We Find – Unless your data cabling was professionally installed, it’s likely that some of your data cabling will be faulty right now. I’d say that 90% of the sites we visit have pre-existing cable faults, and the failure rate is commonly 30-60% faulty, and as high as 80% in a few cases. It’s not right, but it’s what we find week in and week out…

What Happens – When data cabling is faulty users can experience slow network response and dropouts, slow Internet access, poor voice quality and ‘choppy’ phone calls that sound like a mobile phone from the 1980’s. These are all typical symptoms and common issues that users report to us.

How To Fix – We can test your network data cabling for both speed and service qualification, detect faults and then diagnose the issues and locations. Upon rectifying data cabling issues we then retest, and produce a written certification report upon completion of works.